Nathan Dixon Art

Commission Contract




1. The Project: An original _________ watercolour/mixed media painting, which includes 2-3 thumbnails, and one preliminary sketch, followed by 1 revision with input from the collector. Any revisions requested after this will be billed at a rate of $100.00 per hour of work.

a. Deadline and Additional Terms: Artist will complete the commissioned work on or before, _____________, with the final piece deliverable upon receipt of the final payment installment.

2. Right of Refusal: It is the intent of this contract that the Artist will create a work to be purchased by the Collector. However, if, after the work is completed, the Collector does not wish to purchase any or all of the work, the Collector may refuse the completed artwork. In that case, the Artist will retain the refused artwork and the non refundable deposit of 50% of the total commission price, free of any claims of the Collector.

3. Copyright: Artist reserves copyright to all works commissioned by Collector (including all preliminary sketches). Artist also reserves all reproduction rights and the right to claim statutory copyright. No work may be reproduced by Collector without the prior written approval of Artist.

4. Payment Amounts: Total due for the completed work is $_______ not including the shipping costs. At collector’s request, the total fee will be collected in 2 payments.  $________ on first payment, Followed by 1 additional payment  of $________ plus shipping costs (to be calculated) upon final payment.

5. Payment Terms: A non refundable deposit of 50% ($_______) of the selling price is required before work commences and will not be refunded upon cancellation. The deposit is included in the total price. Payment in full is due prior to the artist shipping the finished artwork.

By signing below, both buyer and seller hereby agree to the terms stated above. Work will commence on receipt of this contract and the first payment installment.